About YouTube Subscription Backfire

These days hardly someone downloads music from the internet browser. Because we all have music streaming and applications installed in our smartphones. These streaming applications charge a couple of dollars and we can enjoy unlimited music access. YouTube is the second largest search engine and the largest online video streaming platform. It had to pitch a premium streaming service of its own.

In YouTube premium, you can stream videos without ads and you can listen to music in the background. Which means you can listen to music by keeping the screen locked. It comes with a price of $11.9 per month. 

YouTube keeps on pushing YouTube’s premium subscription notifications as pop-ups and people say that they are getting really annoyed by these ads. They are pushing it beyond limits. People are saying that either they will end up purchasing the YouTube’s premium subscription or will stop using the platform at all. While we all can agree that the later is not gonna happen. It’s hard to negate the fact that the ads are annoying.

We all know that there are quite a lot of streaming applications for music and movies. One might argue, “why would someone invest in the YouTube premium subscription”. YouTube seen as an influencing platform where advertisers also pay in order to get their products the visibility they deserve.

If everyone gets the premium subscription of YouTube, then the advertisers will have no use for YouTube. That could be the reason why the company has priced the subscription at $11.9. So that the people who are not interested can keep using the free version. But many are considering this a smart move by YouTube.

What do you think about the YouTube premium subscription? Do you think it’s useful? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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