We all are familiar with the all-new ‘Cybertruck’ introduce by Tesla. Coming from the Tesla family, the truck runs on battery and is quite futuristic when we talk about the design. Elon Musk introduced the truck in and event and there was one thing that became the hot topic of discussion.

Elon Musk was talking about the armored steel and unbreakable glass use in the vehicle and called the lead designer Franz to demonstrate the same. He first hit the front door of the vehicle with a sledgehammer. And then he flung a metal ball at the window of the vehicle leaving a big crack. 

Everyone was silent and Musk was shocked. But carried on the event stating that he will get it fixed immediately. Now, the CEO of Tesla has explained the reason behind the crack in the glass on twitter. He said that when Franz hit the door with a sledgehammer the base of the glass cracked due to which the window of the vehicle cracked.

Musk also posted a slow-motion video on his twitter handle in which Franz hit the ball in the window of the vehicle and the ball bounced back leaving no cracks behind. It was done right after the launch. Apart from this the company got 200k bookings already without any paid promotions.

He also said that a solar roof will be include in the ‘Cybertruck’. Plus, a new Matt black finish will also be introduce. However, we cannot make any declarations until the vehicle is released in the market.

What are your thoughts about the situation? Are you willing to get one for yourself after what happened at the event? Let’s start a discussion in the comments section.

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