We all know that wireless charging is the thing of the future. The big issue with the whole wireless charging was the number of coils in the charger. Now, it does not seem to be a big issue as companies are finding ways to add more and more coils to their wireless charging units.

There are two such examples out there. The Slicecharge Pro (6-coils wireless charging mat) by HardCider Labs and the 5-coil Dual Fast wireless charger by Choetech. Unbox Therapy recently uploaded a comparison/review video of both the products on their channel. The host stated that the downside of the one by HardCider Labs is the price-point.

Slicecharge Pro is priced at $129.95 as part of a deal on its website and the 5-coil one by Choetech is priced at $42.99 on Amazon. Comparing the two, we see that the Slicecharge Pro can charge 3 devices at a time, one of them being the Apple watch. So, it is basically targetted at Apple users.

There are two major differences in both of these products. Firstly, the price point and the number of devices that can be charged at a time. Secondly, the one by Choetech has an LED indicator in the front which lights up when something is being charged by the product.

In a nutshell, both products have their own advantages and are sure to provide what they promise. So, what do you think about these advancements in wireless charging technology? Do let us know in the comments below.

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