Italians have a soft corner in their hearts for pasta. It’s like a culture to them, and if experience says anything then going by that, they can’t go a whole week without eating pasta at least once. But when a cuisine has so many types of pastas, it’s hard to choose one or couple for an occasion. Sometimes people even confuse what to pair the past with and they ending messing it. We have taken the responsibility and we will tell you the 10 best Italian pasta types and when to use them

1. Spaghetti


Let’s start with the most basic and most popular one. You can find spaghetti almost at every restaurant in Italy. Its thin strand like pasta made of wheat flour milled with water. Folks in Italy usually paired it with tomato sauce. The past is cooked till ‘al dente’ i.e. when it’s ready and firm enough to be eaten. Some serve it with parmesan and scallions.

2. Fettuccine


More popular in Tuscany and Rome region, this pasta is often prepared with either chicken or beef. This thick pasta is prepared using egg and flour and milled until found a perfect thickness. Its then cut in ribbon like strands and cooked right away in boiling water. Dress pasta with meat sauce, beef or chicken. Best served piping hot.

3. Penne


The furrowed cylindrical shaped pasta is known for being more saucy. Its shape help penne to keep more of the sauces trapped inside, making it ever more juicier and tasty. It goes better with arrabbiata or pesto and even sometimes with thick meaty sauces. You can easily find them anywhere in Italy and majority of restaurants have least one variant of penne in their menu.

4. Gnocchi


Unlike hard and dried pasta in the supermarket, Gnocchi is prepared on the spot and eaten right away. The dough is made from wheat, potato, cheese and eggs. Its rolled into thin pipe form and then cut. Using fork or grater carve ridges on to them as it’ll help hold more sauces. Gnocchi is mostly the main course but you can have as the sides as well.

5. Ravioli


The only Italian pasta to have filling sealed inside two thin layers of pasta dough. It’s rather unique as you don’t just get pasta to eat but another flavor to combine with the overall persona of the dish. The dough is prepared like any other pasta and then spread into two thin sheets. Filling is put in portion a few inches apart. You can include anything in the filling, usually, spinach ricotta, and even seafood. Prepared with either thick sauce or broth.

6. Fusilli


Fusilli pasta appears twisted or spiralled. The curves allow fusilli to hold on to more sauces. It is twisted using a rod and then left to dry. Pairs perfectly with chicken or mushrooms along with prepared tomato sauce. Its quick fix if you’re damn hungry and have no time to prepare a full fledged dinner.

7. Lasagna


Probably among the oldest pasta known to Italy.  What makes it different is that unlike any other traditional pasta, you don’t just boil it and serve it with sauces. Instead, you put one layer of pasta, apply sauce and top it with meat or mushrooms and cheese then layer again and sauce, its repeated a couple more times then baked in oven. It tastes different and awesome and gives a crunch that no other pasta has.

8. Farfalle


The bow tie pasta is called butterfly (Farfalle) in Italy. You can have it as the traditional pasta with any combination of sauce or topping and you can also prepare it as cold salad pasta. Put some pasta in bowl and dress it with sauce/meat sauce, vegetables or chicken or beef. However you like.

9. Macaroni


Do not mistake Italy’s macaroni with mac and cheese. Although, both the items hail from Italy’s ancient history, mac and cheese is a different story in itself. Macaroni or the elbow pasta among the most common ones. It’s found almost every corner of the world. Its cooked in different ways, with pesto or sauce, with veggies or without, and even with cheese alone.

10. Orecchiette


Little pasta bowls that are called little ears in Italy is one of the main appetisers. Its unique bowl like shape collects lots of sauces making every tasty even more. Ideal to couple with heavy sauces like meaty ones and cream cheese or even tomato and cheese.

Italy is known to have more than 300 different pastas, however, these are few of them that are most popular and are widely eaten in the country and across.

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