The first thing to say about apple watch series 5 “its great!” If you have an iPhone and you can afford the $399 starting price, there is nothing better.

There is nothing much changed from series 4 to series 5. There are 3 updates. The screen on the series 5 apple watch is always on. Series 5 can change the pixels on the screen as often as 60 times a second or as more as little as once per second. That lets this use radically less power than other screens.

So now, instead of the screen being just being off, it shows a dimmed version of your watch face, and it actually even have some colors which other smartwatches don’t do. When you raise up your wrist and then the screen goes onto full color.

The 3rd new thing is a built-in compass. It works well and even gives you the neat thing called a confidence cone that gets narrower as it becomes more confident where the north is exactly. If you have a magnetic watch band that can mess with it a bit, but, you know, magnets. That’s how they work.

The cellular version has more cellular band, which means that it can do emergency calls internationally.

All all these updates are really minor, but you know what? It does not matter because the Apple Watch is so far ahead of the competition. One is the processor. Apple is just way better at making processors for smartwatches than anybody else. Next is the integration. Apple lets apple watch do apple stuff with the apple iPhone which won’t let other companies like Fitbit or wear OS or Samsung or Withings do, like replying to iMessages. Only the apple watch can do that. The watch Os is also really good.

There is a new watch Os 6 which will be sent to all the apple watches except the very first one. There are new watch faces, as usual. You can set more of them to be a single color.

Let us know what do you think about the new Apple Watch Series 5 in the comments below.

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