We can also call it the New Galaxy Fold. They went back into the development process. They aimed to fixed somethings that people had problems with the previous version. There were some issues with the hinge with the little gap that was in there and most importantly the element that was there on the top of the screen.

Some people tried to peel it off. But the argument was that there was a little gap that encouraged people to peel it off. Samsung took that screen element it was never just a screen protector it was obviously far more important and tucked underneath the bezel.

The NEW Galaxy Fold

It’s important to know the ambition of this device is significant, you are talking about 8 years of development for the initial version which they then went back to the drawing board to try to enhance for this new version.

The new fold only comes in 2 colors, the cosmos black, and the space silver. So in the box, we have the new fold along with the galaxy buds which are capable of wireless charging and can be charged from the device itself through reverse wireless charging. It also includes a fast charger and a USB A to USB c adapter.

The changes worth noting are the t-shaped piece right in the top center of the device which aims to cover up the gap which existed in the previous device. It aims to pin down and lessen the overall gap available for those particles.

Galaxy Fold worth noticing

The other issue was about screen material (earlier also mistaken as screen protector) the user-facing surface of the screen. It’s important to note that in general with this tech this surface is going to softer than what you might be used to on your current smartphone.

Some other changes are that this display is going to be apparently harder than the older version. They claim that the hinge is now more durable from a hinge perspective.

So that will be all guys!!

The new galaxy fold is back with some major structural upgrades and is now available in the stores.

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