The Bitter Truth of recycling: We all know that the government is pulling out campaigns about recycling our used products. And there is a lot of discussion on this topic on social media too. We all use electronics and every electronic we use has a life span. And we through it away for recycling once it has reached that life span. Which is also called as E-waste.

The people who are related to the management of e-waste recycling are not recycling the products as they are supposed to be. The E-waste is shipped to Asian countries where they break down the electronics without any safety measures. They release toxic gases when disassembled without precaution and are affecting the environment. It can also kill the person disassembling it.


The Company called BAN started an initiative where they started fitting trackers, in their electronics. and gave them for recycling. Where they found out that the E-waste was shipped to other countries. So with the help of BAN, some reputed recycling companies are taking care of the E-waste. The way it should have been with proper care and proper instruments.

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Source – The dark side of electronic waste recycling

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