$400 is affordable to the majority of smartphone users in the market. Not everyone is tech-savvy, not everybody wants 3 cameras on their phone or most importantly not everybody is interested in paying $1000 for a phone.

So what does a normal or an average person wants in a phone? Well, the study shows that the phone should not be laggy, should have a good processor. It should have a good camera.

The 2 tech giants accepted this challenge and launched their most affordable smartphones without compromising on processors and also have an amazing camera for the price which they are offered. Now the question is which one is better?

The first thing which comes to mind is that one is running Android and the other is iOS but that is subjective.

Well, most of you might have guessed it already but for those who don’t, we are talking about the 2 entry-level devices from Google and Apple, Google Pixel 4a, and the iPhone SE.

Let’s start talking about the cameras. The camera on the pixel has always been excellent since the release of the pixel series but the iPhone SE just blows the pixel 4a in the day. The shadows are more vivid, the blacks are darker and in the portrait mode, you capture the whole subject whereas in the pixel 4a the image is cropped to 1.5x.

The night is where the camera of the pixel 4a shines and produces very crisp images in the night. The iPhone SE does not include night mode. The video recording on both the devices is decent but you will require an external stabilization device cause both the phones do not offer any.

The iPhone is capable of recording 4k video at 60FPS, whereas the Pixel 4a is limited to 4k video at 30FPS. Both the phones offer 12 MP single rear camera. Both are capable of shooting 1080p video at 30FPS from the front camera.

Now the major differentiating factor which separates the two and will make you dig the iPhone is the processor. The iPhone SE is packed with the latest Apple A13 Bionic chip. You are getting the same chip as the other $1000 iPhone 11pro. The performance of the device is blistering. Opening the camera app, taking a photo, and viewing it, happens so quickly on the iPhone whereas you can notice the photo processing lag on the Pixel’s 4a where the Snapdragon 730G processor struggles.

Both the devices pack tiny camera powerhouses but seeing the performance, Speed, and overall camera comparison, all that under $400. The iPhone is our pick. iOS and Android are subjective. But the iPhone SE is the phone to go for.

So let us know what will be your pick in the comments below.

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