Samsung has launched the T5 SSD successor. It’s not just a successor but a very advanced version which Samsung is calling the T7 Touch. Just by looking at the SSD you can tell that its a very premium looking tech and it comes no cheap. 

Samsung is offering the T7 Touch for $129.99 for the 500GB version. Whereas there are 2 more storage options, 1TB, and 2TB which cost $229.99 and $399.99 respectively. As the name says “Touch” Samsung has included a fingerprint sensor. It will prompt you before giving access to your data to the device it has been connected.

The fingerprint sensors gave your data a lot more security than ever as it could not be just randomly plugged into a system and morphed. You can add up to 4 fingerprints. The SSD is made out of aluminum making it shockproof up to 6 ft. In other words the build quality is amazing.

The T7 is a lot slimmer and lighter than the T5 and it just looks like a business cardholder. The T7 comes with a USB type -C cable inside the box. 

Not everything is great in the T7. If you forget your password you have no way to manually reset the drive and have to contact Samsung to get it done for you. It does not support ios devices, not even the iPad. Samsung is not offering the right storage as compared to the price. 

The drive offers 1000 MB/sec of write speed and 1050 MB/sec read speed which is quite impressive.

We have seen 2mb floppy drives to this T7 Touch SSD, technology has no boundaries and is getting smaller and smaller. So what do you think about the new Samsung T7 Touch? Let us know in the comments below.

Source – Samsung’s T7 Touch puts a speedier SSD in a smaller, more secure case

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