Last week Sony revealed its new generation of gaming console known as the PS5. Its rival Microsoft has already revealed its Xbox series X at the games award. Aesthetically the PS5 looks way more futuristic and appealing.

The new console packs some serious hardware allowing you to experience great graphics. The new chassis is packing SSD drives instead of the old Hard Drives giving faster load time and the architecturing of the games can also be modified as they do not rely on slow CPU and Spinning hard drives anymore.

Microsoft on the other hand is coming up with a plan of letting all its first party games run on the xbox one s to xbox series X , even if the series X have more power. Sony on the other hand has to work on a more wider floor to make this type of transition possible. 

Sony has also launched an all new Dual Sense controller which will offer more haptic feedback while playing. They also shared some incredible gameplays of Gran Turismo 7, Spider Man: Miles Morales, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart.

So guys that was all about the new Playstation 5 aka PS5. What do you think about the new console? Fell free to leave your comments below.

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