One Plus 7t Specs and Features

The all-new one plus 7t has a lot to offer. At $600 you have great performance and cameras which are decent this year. The screen is terrific. Not only its plenty bright in the daylight, but importantly its a super smooth 90 Hz. The 7T is pretty much smaller in all aspects. It’s significantly thinner, it’s also a little bit smaller, and pretty much all other dimensions, but the thing which makes the difference is that it’s a bit narrower thanks to that 20:9 display.

With this, it means yes The all-new one plus 7T is very tall, but in the hand, especially paired with the tapered back, and how like narrow it is, it is a very usable size. This time around the one plus 7T has a triple camera setup, a 17mm ultra-wide camera, a 28mm wide camera, as well as 51 mm telephoto camera. It’s the same setup as the iPhone 11 pro. Generally speaking the one plus 7 T has a pretty impressive camera set up. Yes the main camera cannot touch the very high end such as the iPhone 11 and the 11 pro.

Like most other 2019 flagships, the one plus 7t is taking advantage of a very matt finish on the glass panel. It looks nice in the Glacier color. 

Certain things are missing from the 7T. There is still no official IP rating, although they do have a fair bit of water resistance already. There is still no wireless charging. In the inside, we have got the new snapdragon 855+ processor paired with 8 gigs of ram, as well as either of 128 or 256 gigs of fast UFS 3 storage. We do not know about paper but in real life this phone is really fast. 

Let us know what do you think about the one plus 7T.

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