Samsung is back with the notebook line up and is looking quite prominent this time. Samsung is launching 2 versions of the notebook named as the Galaxy Book Flex and the Galaxy Book Ion. Both models are expected to launch next year. The Galaxy Book Flex is gonna replace the notebook 9 Pen. Galaxy Book Ion will be a replacement for The standard notebook 9.

Both the laptops got a new design and they look very premium and the bezels around the screen have been shrunk down marginally. The Galaxy Book Flex has an Aluminum body, whereas, the Galaxy Book Ion has a Magnesium body. It feels quite plasticky and lightweight but not made of plastic.

Coming from a brand like Samsung, how can we not talk about the displays both the notebooks have to offer. Samsung is offering a Q-LED display which can get as bright as up to 600 nits. They offer great color accuracy and its the same panel which Samsung uses in its high-end TVs.  Samsung is also claiming both the laptop to last full day on a single charge but can’t really comment on that until the device is launched in the market.

Both the devices offer wireless charging built-in the trackpad of the laptop. How cool this can be? It’s capable of charging all the devices which are capable of charging wirelessly. You can not use the trackpad while you are using it as a charger. Hmm.. quite understandable. But still, you have a mouse as an option and can charge your phone and use the laptop at the same time.


The Galaxy Book Flex also offers S-pen. The S-pen has got all new motion sensors and Bluetooth which allows you to change slideshows or move files while sitting far away from the laptop. It has a dedicated slot right in the side of the laptop. It does not come in the way while you are not using the S-pen and the design fits perfectly in the notebook itself. 

Samsung is offering 13-inch and 15-inch sizes in both the Galaxy Books. The Galaxy book Flex is running on the 10th generation intel core i10 processor. Whereas, the Galaxy Book Ion packs the 10th generation Comet Lake processors. 

So let us know what do you think about the all-new Galaxy Book Flex and the Galaxy Book Ion?
Source – Samsung’s Galaxy Books double as a wireless charger

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