As we all know, Snapchat introduced spectacles a few years back with its successor spectacles 2 which did not do that as great as expected. So, now the company is back with the all-new spectacles 3. This time, it has got a steel frame with a more designer look along with 2 cameras on both the corners of the device.

They are available in 2 colors, black, and mineral (Tan). You can get one only at $380. That’s $180 more than the spectacles 2. The all-new Spectacles 3 have got 2 cameras and it is now able to sense depth for the first time. Spectacles 3 owners will be getting 10 exclusive filters which are decent but not a jaw-dropper. 

You won’t be able to see what snap you are recording within the glass, whereas, you have to access your phone. Then, you need to import the clips from the glasses and select the clip. After that, you need to press the edit button in order to work with the filters. Which is, a long process to say the least. The plus side is that Snap will allow independent developers to build their own filters which will be capable of depth precision.

You can also take 3D pictures from the spectacles 3. You can use the cardboard viewer which will be coming along with the spectacles 3 to explore the 3D pictures to the fullest. It seems like a great advancement in technology, however, it seems like it needs something more.

What are your thoughts about the Snap Spectacles 3? Will you be getting your hands on this cool gadget? Let us know in the comments below.

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