Self-driving cars in Arizona!! :- There are a lot of advancements made to the automobile industry and autopilot is one of them. We have heard and seen a lot of self-driving cars in movies and also some prototypes. Tesla also includes autopilot in their electric cars but they are not fully self-driving.

Back in Arizona, Waymo has been working on self-driving cars for a decade. They have successfully integrated self-driving technology into a car. They are creating self-driving cabs. There is a lot of technology going. A lot of sensors and computers are fitted into the vehicle making it $400000 each. Chrysler Pacifica is being used as a volunteer vehicle. 

Andy from the verge posted a video on the same.  The car looked quite promising on the highways as well as streets and brought them back safely to their destination. So the development they have done is quite impressive. But the question still remains, do we need self-driving cars?

Google initially started this project but later own formed a new company “Waymo” and started working on this idea. It took 10 years for them to get this idea into reality.

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