The story goes way back when Kate caught prince William attention walking the ramp of college fashion show. With his charm and wit , William was able to win Kate’s heart. As a consequence their relationship was confirm in 2004. After graduating from University of St.Andrews in 2005 the couple where in a long distance relationship which ended up splitting in 2007. They got back together later the same year. Finally they got married in 2011 creating history that entire world watched. No such Prince William Scandals or rumours has been ever seen all this time.

This sensational rumour has electrified the world for almost a year. The rumour that Willian had become too friendly or was having an affair with his wife’s friend when she was expecting her third child. People are comparing this scandal with Prince Charles’ adulterous relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles while he was married to Diana. Kate and Rose, who used to be close had a terrible falling out.

Though this rumour seems totally wrong and false, it is not the first time that legal actions were take against publications by the the royal family.

Such such rumours have hurt Kate the most. No one likes their personal lives picked apart opening on newspapers and internet.  The tabloids have always been a big problem to the Royal Family. Williams marriage is much smoother than his parents. He seems to be a happy family man. He and his wife giver every appearance of being a happy couple. They will definitely become the future King and Queen fulfilling their duties very well.  Its just that tabloids love to stir up drama. It better the queen, her staff, royal family fans ignore these kind of things until it is actually a serious problem for the Royal Family. Moreover three children in just less than six years says how happy they are and probably a 4th one coming soon.

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