Original apple accessories are pretty expensive, but is it worth buying for? Today we have got a very special topic to discuss. We all know that Apple is a trillion-dollar company and is the best known for creating masterpiece tech. A very best example is the iPhone which we all are using and you may be reading this blog on one too. Apple devices are known for their build quality. And flawless user experience for which we also pay a good price.

When we are paying almost a thousand dollars we must expect some durability from the device which apple is offering but still for that extra care we install a phone case. Most of us do. So now the question is should we buy apple original case which cost way more than a normal aftermarket silicon case or other case manufactures which offer quite good built and protection at a way less price. 

In the end, it all comes down to our mental satisfaction and how much our pocket allows. That was all about the cases. Let’s talk about the quality of the cables which apple offers inside the box. The things which will always give you stress in the apple accessories are the charging cables included in the box. The quality is not great at all and most of them end up ripping apart from the ends or stop working for no reason. The one you buy separate may last longer but still, I will recommend buying some good braided aftermarket charging cable For your apple products because apple sucks in making cables. 

Worth Buying

The cables you buy separately and when they are damaged are priced very high and are not even braided. You can buy such good quality cables from amazon at the same price. So it’s not important that if a company makes amazing tech masterpieces should make good accessories as well. Apple does make some good accessories but the list has been shortened to some not all. So there are some things which are worth buying aftermarket than going to the apple store.

So let us know what do you think about original apple accessories – Is it really worth buying for?

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