New Apple MacBook Pro 16-inch. Apple is finally back with an amazing 16-inch MacBook pro in the old form factor. Its 0.77mm thick from the previous generation 15-inch MacBook pro. What we will see in the new update? Well, quite a lot, to say the least.

Starting with an all-new 16-inch retina display. The display is capable of producing 500 units of brightness to get the amazing bright whites. It also has a P-3 color gamut enabling brilliant image and video quality.

It offers great speakers as always, making it the best sounding laptop in the game. Apple has also added a built-in microphone for voice recording and by the looks of a video uploaded by Jonathan Morisson on his official YouTube channel, we can say that it looks quite prominent.

Apple has taken the storage game to a whole new level, now you can get 8TB SSD storage in your MacBook Pro along with 64GB of RAM making it a monster notebook as it will just kill multitasking. It has also got intel’s i9 octa-core chip. When combined with the above specs, it makes a killer Pro machine to work on. It’s blistering fast.

There were a lot of complaints in the previous MacBook Pro keyboard which now have been solved by introducing the all-new magic keyboard. It has got a scissor mechanism with 1mm of travel. Apple ditched the butterfly mechanism and came back to the scissor mechanism. They reduced the travel to 1mm, enabling it to perform as expected.

ESC Button

The keyboard now gets a dedicated ESC button which used to freeze in the touch bar and the touch id sensor has also converted into a separate physical button. This is way too convenient. 

The beast, Macbook Pro also packs in 100 Wh lithium-polymer battery (the max you can carry on an airplane) which will return 11 hours of battery backup. It offers the same USB C ports and charger as the previous-gen.

That was all about the new MacBook Pro 16-inch. Let us know your thoughts about the product in the comments below.

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