The all-new Motorolla Razr is here. Motorola has launched a new foldable phone named after the great success of the Old Razr phone. The phone has a good design and 2 screens. New Razr is a little bit taller as compared to a normal smartphone. 

The cost of Motorolla Razr is $1500. Motorolla is offering snapdragon 710 which could have been replaced by the latest snapdragon 855 if you see according to the retail price. It’s not something to worry about because it has 6 GB of RAM which will get the job done. But still, 855 could have been a better option.

The foldable design is quite well presented as you can open and close the phone with just a hassle-free flick like the old Razr. But, we cannot comment on the build quilty and how durable it will be in day to day life yet. As the phone will go on sale from January 2020. There are no creases on the display as in the galaxy fold which is a good thing. But, we cannot comment on how reliable the product will be in day to day life.

The phone offers a 16 MP camera with a single flash along with a fingerprint sensor. You can also go into the settings and turn on retro Razr mode which will turn the phone back to the old Razr phone which is a quite nice touch. The best thing is that you have a tall screen that will accommodate more text details. It is the best for reading news, scrolling through social media posts and emails.

The phone will only be available with Verizon. So, if you are using some other carrier then it’s not gonna happen anytime soon.


That was all about Motorola’s new phone with a foldable screen. Let us know what do you think about it in the comments below.

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