Most Dangerous Tech Gadgets That You Probably Own!!

dangerous tech gadgets that you probably own

Here is a list of some dangerous tech gadgets and machines that you probably own.

Tesla Model 3

Its a very good car but what it is not is a self-driving car. While the sensors in self-driving have come a long way, and they continue to get better and better, it is not yet ready for a full self driving experience. Something that a lot of people should take note of. So autopilot is not fully ready for full self driving yet, making it one of the dangerous tech that you probably own.

Samsung note 7

The real PR disaster was the note 7. It was a huge flagship phone and the battery was catching on fire. And you will see a lot of these other danger tech things that we are talking about, batteries, they are dangerous. Samsung was eventually able to solve this problem by a much smaller battery inside the note and re-releasing it as the fan edition.

The USB killer

Don’t let the looks fool you here. On the surface, it looks like a normal USB drive, but it has a much more nefarious purpose than that. It will legitimately kill your laptop. This uses a series of capacitors, so what power straight into the USB port at like 240 volts. Which for a lot of systems is good enough you plug it into a device it starts charging those capacitors and then it turns around and dumps all things to kill them and hence becoming one of the dangerous tech gadgets that you probably own.

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