Microsoft unveiled a lot of products at the Microsoft Surface event. The real stars of the show were the Microsoft Neo and the Microsoft Duo. The core selling point of these 2 devices are generally the same. They are the dual-screen devices that fold out to reveal a bigger device.

Microsoft Surface Neo

The Neo looks like a dual-screen laptop that folds out into a gigantic tablet. Whereas, the duo kind of phone size and folds out to be more a tablet size. It kinds of bridges all of these form factors together. 

There is not a crazy amount of information about these 2 devices. Microsoft unveiled this just to get in the minds of developers before its launch in 2020. 

The Neo is running on a modified version of Windows10 called Windows 10x which aims to be a dual-screen optimized version of the operating system. It’s slated to run on the intel’s 11th gen architecture that’s being made right now and developed specifically for this device.

Microsoft Surface Duo

The surface duo is a Microsoft surface phone hat is running full android. So you can run android apps and the only thing that’s left for it now is and the reason why Microsoft announced it now is so that Android developers can develop apps to neatly work with this device. It is really neat. 

The design of both the devices Microsoft Neo and the Microsoft Duo feel really good. The hinges feel great and there is a lot of cool material design there. They have the hardware down and will have to wait to see how the software will execute when these things come out later in 2020.

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