Is Purchasing The New iPhone 11 Really Worth It?

Purchasing The New iPhone 11

If you are planning to buy an iPhone, the new iPhone 11 is the one that you should get.

Starting with the cameras, this year, iPhone 11 has a pair of cameras, a standard wide-angle as well as a new ultra-wide-angle.

There is a lot more dynamic range on the iPhone 11 as compared to its predecessor the XR. The main camera now has a 100% Focus Pixels. The ultra-wide camera gives some loss in quality while recording specifically in low light, but that’s actually cool, considering when they have got that impressive video stabilization. There is no doubt that the biggest change this year in the iPhone is the camera.

The front-facing camera has been fully redesigned for the iPhone 11. It also includes a slofie, which is a slow-motion selfie. Another major feature in the new iPhone 11 is the impeccable night mode.

The biggest weakness in the iPhone 11 is its display. It’s the same 6.1 inch IPS panel. Though It’s not bad, it’s not as good as other high-end phones in the market. The display little bit lower in resolution and lacks the excellent brightness and contrast of the OLED display on the iPhone 11 Pro.

You have a wide array of colors available on the iPhone 11 and it also packs a new and advanced processing chip which makes the phone power efficient as well.

If the question is why the iPhone 11 is a justified purchase, the answer is above.

Are you willing to purchase the new iPhone 11? Let us know in the comments below.

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