Intel’s Project Athena! In the new version of Intel processors, they have improved the graphics performance significantly. Intel integrated graphics used to work fine and now they provide an even better performance after a few tweaks. They confirm the performance upgrade to be twice as fast as the last generation.

Intel is packing this processor with the Dell XPS. Besides, it is including a 10 gen i7 with iris plus graphics. To support the speedy performance of the device it comes packed with LP DDR4 at 37Mghz. This makes the system very fast as it is combined with the fastest CPU. 

There is a completely new CPU design. Code name “Sunny Cove” which delivers a full 18% IPC uplift. The Intel’s “Project Athena” is based on the designing of the laptop. It is not necessarily important that your computer will perform the same way as the other 10 gen computers. Certainly, it depends on the other components supporting the processor.

Fact – If this sounds like an imaginary invention to you, simply take a look at the HP Elite Dragonfly, a Project Athena-certified 2-in-1 laptop that’s beneath 1 kg in weight and holds a battery life that serves more than 24 hours at a particular charge.

So let us know what do you think about the all-new 10th generation Intel chips?

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