Well, height comes from our genetics. Over 70 % of our height actually comes from our everyday habits such as what you eat and body positions. Exercise is one of the factors that determine human height growth and Yoga is one of the exercises chosen by many people to improve their height.

So here are the 5 yoga poses to increase height most effectively:


Cobra pose works on abdominal muscles, lower back, and upper back muscles and helps in cutting back the bad fat around the stomach. And it is also the best asanas for increasing height.

The best ability of the cobra pose is to increase the flexibility of the spine. It also helps to unlock the lungs, which cure asthma.


This is also called Tadasana and this pose involves stretching all the body muscles from head to toe.

This lengthened /elongation generates posture pressure in all body parts which facilitates the production of the extension hormone. It strengthens the thighs, knees, and ankles.

Increase Height Naturally No Matter what your Age is?


This is also called Vrikshasana, here vriksh stands for tree in Sanskrit. This pose requires balancing and therefore, it requires the eyes to be open as you practice it. And it builds strength in the ankles and calves.

Strengthen the bones of the hips and legs due to the weight-bearing nature of the pose.

Increase Height Naturally No Matter what your Age is?


As per the name suggests, while performing this asana, our body gets a triangular form. It relieves stress. And stimulates the function of uterine organs. This position stretches our maximum body parts.

It is highly beneficial for the shorter people as it grows body height at a fast scale.

Increase Height Naturally No Matter what your Age is?


This posture is extremely helpful in increasing body height, no matter what your AGE is. It involves bending over either in a forward or in a backward direction. 

Through this posture, the elasticity of the spinal cord increases a lot and the body becomes highly flexible and you ‘ll live a fruitful life.

Increase Height Naturally No Matter what your Age is?

There are 80+ yoga asanas, but this is the most effective exercise for those who have an age issue. I hope this will gonna work for you. 

So, what are your thoughts on this, Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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