If You Thought That The Nike Air Max 97 Couldn’t Get Any Better, Think Again

A picture of a person wearing a Nike Air Max 97 shoes

The special collecter’s edition shoes (The Nike Air Max 97) are inspired by the Matthew 14:25 scripture in the holy bible. The air Max chamber of these Nike shoes is now filled with water. Allegedly, The water is taken all the way from Jordan river and then blessed. The air max chamber now contains 60 CC of holy water.

With a price tag of $1425, These shoes are super rare and there are only 15 available in the market. So, surely it’s a collector’s item and super rare. If you are willing to walk on water this is the closest you can get.

The first appearance of The Nike Air Max 97 was in a video uploaded by Unbox Therapy on 8th October 2019 on their official YouTube channel. The host unboxed and reviewed the product and the box. The box itself has many amazing details as per the host. When you open the box, you’ll be blessed with this scripture from the holy bible “And in the fourth watch of the night he came to them, walking on the sea. Mathew 14:25”.

Along with the water inside the air max chamber, there’s a cross hanging from the upper laces on the shoes. The color reviewed in Unbox Therapy’s video was white. According to the reaction of the show’s host, it looked super amazing. He then went on to try the shoes and he said that the improvements didn’t have any effect on the performance. However, you will turn some heads while wearing these. You can check out the shoes on the official website made for the shoes.

So what are your thoughts on the water edition air max? Are you willing to spend $1425 on this special collecter’s item? Let us know in the comments down below.

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