Buying a home can be a stressful task, and it gets even more daunting when you are aiming for a home and decor for a small family. People with small children can relate to the point that you can’t have the same room interior for long. A small family sometimes witness very heartwarming moments, and it is recommended that their home should have the same appeal.

Challenge will always be there when you plan to design a house for growing little brats and your loving partners. There are so many examples where people were able to take up the challenge and create a versatile and really creative interior that tackles the dare of raising children. These homes are pretty functional and give a distinct feel without looking cheap.

Scandinavian houses, for example, are famous for being minimal and wonderful. Here, you use neutral looking colors and place compact and polished furniture. To make the house visibly applauding, one can use colorful carpet/rug, couch and throw pillows.

Families around the world have different tastes when it comes to a home. According to Mohit Bansal Chandigarh, In India, particularly, the trend to buy suitable is on the rise and the expecting parents are largely investing in a home that goes well with their demands. We will list a few house types and little on decoration that go a long way.

Regular 2BHKs Apartments


It should be the first and best choice. The house is not so big and not small either. It serves all the purpose a small family requires. There is enough space to experiment, to change the decor to allow each member a home. Getting this decorated is not costly either since the area is limited and not big. You can also change it more frequently based on your changing needs.
Cliff House with Small lawn

Cliff House with Small Lawn


In India, getting a house on the cliff is next to impossible and is often a luxury affair. A home not meant for a middle class, unlike the western countries. However, if you get an opportunity to build or buy a house on a cliff, do take it. A cliff house can be built even on weird shape designs. Usually, the hilly areas are cleaner and purer in terms of air quality hence a good place for growing children. Having a lawn only adds to the excitement. Imagine yourself sipping tea in your garden on a warm sunny day and your children playing with toys on the grass.

Gabled Roofing House


The A shape roof that falls downwards, the likes of seen in hilly or heavy snowy regions. Usually, the gable roof houses are less expensive compared to their traditional counterparts. Apart from looking beautiful, the gable roof serves a different purpose like not allowing water to stand on the roofs, similarly other elements such as fallen leaves, snow, they fall off as well. Having built this house will distinguish you from the rest as not many would have likewise house. If you can have a lawn or garden in the front with a small patio, that would be no less than best.
For the Interior Decor

For the Interior Decor


If you plan the decor properly, the small space turns out to be efficient. It is only about how you place your stuff. A more minimalistic yet mechanical approach is fruitful. Like foldable bed cum couch, chairs that could fit inside the table when not in use and other similar stuff. Having it spread out will take a toll on the space unnecessarily which you should, the foldable ones are serving the same purpose anyway so best opt for it.

A Vibrant But Sober Ambiance


A dull lit house ambiance is not good for anybody. Not for the living parents nor for the children. Don’t go for eye-popping bright colors either, aesthetically that is considered poor. Rather go for off white or if you are planning a wooden wallpaper, choose the lightest and ‘close to white’ texture. They are easily available in the market, plus they look more premium and stylish, kinda modern. You can also choose to go with the millennial theme where the interior is in contrast. Say ocean blue interior with deep black furniture or something similar.

Air Ventilation and Circulation


It is equally important as having good decor. You can’t have fancy looking sleek home and interior but a poor ventilated home. Only having air conditioning is not sufficient, you have to have proper air circulation as well. It’s good more the people living in the home combined with the ornament plants. Make sure the house has enough windows that let sunlight in. We should learn to embrace nature in our daily lives, it helps us get additional nutrients like vitamin D.

Although it is not compulsory to invest in a medium to small home if your budget doesn’t allow you a bigger apartment, you can get a smaller one and style it accordingly. Mohit Bansal Chandigarh, a real estate agent says, ‘Home is where your heart takes you to.’ There shouldn’t be any other reason to turn your home into an ideal one.

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