BMW, one of the top luxury car manufacturers in the world known for its performance, comfort, and safety. But how do we recognize a BMW? By its signature kidney grills. Yes, but the Logo plays an equally important role.  

We all like the BMW logo in Black, white and blue color taking the looks of the car to another level. But the fanboys might consider before buying a new beamer as the company is coming up with a new flat logo design which is a like or a hate thing. 

The new logo will not have the old black background. Making it transparent. The vice president of design in BMW said that the new logo has been designed to showcase more openness and clarity. 

The company presented the first visual of the new logo in the auto expo on a bronze BMW i4 Concept. It looked good on the bronze color but we are really worried about the white cars because its gonna look so transparent and hollow at the same time. 

The company may come up with color schemes for the logo, eg – the white car will have a little smoked BMW letter along with the ring. But the company has not confirmed it yet. There is still time in the actual production of the new logo on the hood of the beamer but the company has changed the same on the website and can expect the same anytime soon on the new cars.

So that was all new updates about the new BMW logo. Let us know in the comments whether you like or hate the new logo?

Source – BMW’s new flat logo is everything that’s wrong with modern logo design

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