Winter or no winter, Scarfs are a wardrobe essential! Scarfs can take your OOTD from drab to glam.

For most of the women, scarves are just winter wear; however, if you invest in the right scarf and know how the right way to wear a scarf, trust me it can be your absolute everyday favorite. We present to you the different ways to wear a scarf to pull off a classy or a hippie look. It’s your choice! either you wanna grab this or not.

Long scarves

One of the easiest ways of incorporating poise and class to your look is by wearing long scarves and once you figure out how to wear a long scarf, you’re a fashionista!

Scarf  for Different Outfits

Price: 2k to 3K

Simply Stylish With A Toss!

Dressing like a fashionista is not possible every day. We get it! The simplest of all scarves styles, The Toss over the neck can save the day.

Price: 1K to 2K

Square Scarves

Square scarves are our favorite but when it comes to different types of scarves and how to wear a square scarf, it is a question that confuses people. You can wear them on your neck, you can wear them on your head as a hairband or just a knot on your ponytail. Just use your creativity for this one and absolutely you’ll be good to go.

Wear a Scarf  for Different Outfits

Price: 500 to 1k

How to wear a scarf on neck

The first and the most common style on how to wear a scarf in different ways is draping the scarf on the neck. You can drape it in so many ways that we can’t even start!

Wear a Scarf  for Different Outfits

Price: 2k to 3k

So what are your thoughts on this, Let us know your thoughts in the Comments Section. 

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