The Power Core +10000 Pro

One of the best iPhone 11 accessories is The power core +10000 Pro from Anchor is one of the best power banks. If you have a pro version, you need a pro battery. But for real this thing is awesome. It packs 10000 milliamps of power. Its MFi certified, there is a built-in lightning cable and on top of that, this thing has 2 really cool tricks.

First is the lightening part which does a couple of different things. You, of course, can charge the battery bank and your phone at the same time with a lightning cable. What’s really cool is there is a lightening audio pass through o what that means is that you can plug your lightning headphones into the bank, charge your phone and listen to music at the same time which is amazing.

Audio Technica ATH SR 30 BTS

The build quality is good, its not great. Definitely one of the weaker points with these headphones. In terms of sound quality, they actually really surprised me. There is no USB – C or lightning port, you are stuck with micro USB. You do have built-in volume controls which is a nice thing.

Dragon Fly From Audio Quest

It’s a tiny compact USB DAC and you can use it with a computer but it can also be used with an iPhone combined with a title which is mind-blowing. There are 2 versions RED and BLACK. The higher you go up the better the DAC, the better the sound quality. For most people Dragon Fly black is going to sound better.

Scopa Wireless Chargers

These from carved are really unique. They are a combination of wood and resin and the end result is simply phenomenal. They absolutely stand out in the world of wireless chargers. It’s really very compact and you can do anything you like with it. You want to take it on the go or minimize space on your desk, it just works perfectly.

So these were some of the best iPhone 11 accessories in the market. Also must also read : Is Purchasing The New iPhone 11 Really Worth It?

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