The All-New Google Pixel 4 And 4XL Are Here: A Look At The New Features

Here is the google pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL. These are probably the most leaked phones in history and the history of phone leaks. The basics are very clear, they run on android made by google and come in 2 sizes (5.7 inches and 6.3 inches). There is no notch on this screen because the bezel on top is extra big so that google can fit a ton of sensors up there. Including the face unlock sensor and a radar chip.

Appearance and Features

The aluminum rails around the gorilla glass are kind of prominent but in a good way. They are like the phone equivalent of big chunky eyeglass frames. There are three colors orange (limited edition), white, and black. White and Orange have matt glass finish whereas the black has the glossy finish. They all are IP60 water-resistant.

They have got that big square camera bump just like the iPhone but the pixel only has 2 cameras. Google has packed some cool tech inside the phone. For example, if you reach for your phone, it turns on and starts looking for your face automatically. If you walk away from your phone, it realizes that you are gone and it turns off the display. If a call comes in or an alarm goes off, as soon as your hand goes near the phone it automatically gets quieter and then you can just wave to dismiss the call or the alarm. 

One thing that everyone is going to love is you can keep a Pokemon wallpaper that you can wave at and the Pokemon will wave back at you or you can tickle the Pokemon by wiggling your fingers at it.

The new face unlock feature on google pixel 4 is really fast. Motion sense detects when you are reaching for your phone and then it’s unlocked. BOOM!! It’s so fast that Google had to add a setting for people who actually wanna see their lock screen. Because without this you won’t even get a chance to see your lock screen. 

It has got a snapdragon 855 with 6 GB of ram and comes with 64GB/ 128GB of storage There is also a titan security chip and a new pixel neural core chip. Pixel 4 has 2800 mah battery and 4XL has 3700 mah.

So what do you think about the new Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL? Let us know in the comments below.

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