Samsung has recently launched its flagship killer “Note 10” in the market and it has captured a lot of markets. But Samsung is not stopping, they launched another Note 10 with Star Wars custom Theme. But both in the inside and the outside.

The Star Wars fans are going to dig for this device. They have gone for the red and black color theme. You get a great Star Wars-branded leather case and a metal plate with Kylo Ren helmet as a souvenir.

 The phone is black in color with red volume and power buttons along with red-colored S-pen. Which the fans may like to call it the red saber. You also get matching galaxy buds with the red and black theme. They are also including the wired AKG headphones which have breaded cable and USB type C connector. Samsung got you covered.

Talking about the software, it has been perfectly matched. And with the outside black and red theme. Samsung has also added some Star Wars sound effects while you receive a notification and they have also added a party trick when you remove the S-pen. The moment you remove the S-pen from the device it plays the sound of a lightsaber.

So altogether it is a good collector’s item for the Star Wars fans. Let us know your opinion on the same in the comments section of Globodaily

Source – Galaxy Note 10 Plus Star Wars Edition Unboxing

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