Envelope app – Digital Wellbeing Initiative By Google. We all know what an envelope is, but have you ever considered putting your smartphone in one? Sounds crazy right!

Well, Google is trying to reduce the time we spend on our smartphones under its Digital Wellbeing initiative. Therefore google is coming up with some amazing ideas.

The Envelope App is one of them. The app is designed to work inside a real envelope and restricts 98% of the features making the smartphone just a phone. It only works with the pixel 3A right now. But if you don’t have the pixel device and still want to try, just download the Envelope App from the play store. It has all the instructions in a PDF file

Print out the PDF file, follow step by step instructions and make an envelope for your phone. You have to seal the envelope (you can use glue). Once the envelope is sealed then you are ready to rock. 

The envelope has a very basic dial-pad printed on the front of the phone, cut-outs for the front speaker grill and 2 action buttons below the dial-pad. By pressing one of the action buttons you can see the time. The phone will blink the numbers on the dial-pad and you can check the time. You can use your camera but without the screen. 

When you finally decide to get rid of the envelope it will show how long you used your phone inside an envelope. It’s an initiative to stop the overuse of a smartphone. But we all are very well aware that it’s 2020 where almost everyone owns a smartphone and its one of the biggest distraction we own to keep our lives entertained.

So what do you think about it? Let us know in the comment section below.

Source – Google designed an envelope you can use to hide your phone from yourself

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