When planning a trip, the biggest question posing threat is whether you should do it yourself or hire an agent. Doing it yourself does sound bit tedious and not that exciting compared to hiring an agent. But a lot of people don’t have the luxury called money to spare a portion out of their travel budget as fee for the agents. If you are on the money saving end, then you might need some advice. Mohit Bansal Chandigarh, a traveller and photographer shares his best DIY travel tips.

Research On Your Own


It’s a painful task and that’s why people like to not do it by themselves. Researching on your own can not only save you money but also make you familiar with the destination you’re travelling to. On the other hand, your agent will charge you for mere googling the facts. And the worst part is they won’t even tell you upfront and escalate the overall pricing. You get looted and you don’t even realize that.

Book Your Flights By Yourself


This is one of the important parts. When it comes to booking a flight ticket, an agent will have you by the throat. They include their service charges (commission), tax and flight fare (that too sometime more than the original). However, if you book on your own, you’re educating yourself with many perspectives. You can also get discounts on the bookings. You have the total control over everything, you can print your own boarding pass, check in your flight and a lot more. A service not provided by a lot of agents.

Booking a flight is fairly simple, too. Go to the airlines official website, fill your to and from destination, your travel date, number of seats and class and search. You will see a number of results saying direct/non-stop flights or connecting flights, with fare and flight hours. Select one, proceed to fill in personal details, confirm to the payment gateway, provide your card details and checkout.  

Make Hotel Reservation


Making hotel reservation has many benefits that cannot be availed if done by the brokers. They usually have tie-ups with the hotel to entitle them with a part of the sale. So you’re not just paying for the room, also for the agent. Do it yourself, check different online travel agencies (OTA) for hotel in your budget. Most of the OTAs have some sort of offer or promo running that can get you handsome discount or additional privileges.

Doing the same is like making peanut butter jam sandwich. Go to any OTA, look for hotel, fill in the number of days you’re going to stay, number of people and the date, sort the results with your budget bracket, select one, fill in details, checkout, pay online and done.

Where to Eat During Travel


This is where a lot of people lose their money. They don’t know where to eat so end up in some posh restaurant and a stacked up credit card bill. The best way is to interact with the locals. Ask them what’s the best place to eat because that is where most them would go.

Natives don’t waste money on luxury outlets. You can even ask your hotel staff, though they won’t provide accurate answers in majority of cases, but what if you get the right directions. You got nothing to lose. That way you’ll save plenty of cash plus taste the local fresh delicacies. If you don’t like eating out, you can always call the reception desk at hotel ask them to fix you something, only, be ready to pay extra piled up tax and service charges.

Travel is all about exploring the place you visit. It includes eating and walking and living like the locals. Bathing in foreign culture and embracing what’s alien to you and finding happiness in that what measures a journey’s success. Furthermore, you get to save the money while doing all that stuff, its an added bonus you don’t expect.

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