Dell XPS 13 with 6 Core – Most Powerful Laptop In Its Class.!!

6 core dell XPS 13 by globodaily

Dell XPS 13 with 6 Core is the latest and the most powerful laptop by Dell in its class. The screen, the keyboard, the chassis everything remains the same as old XPS except the all-new 6 core 10th gen intel CPU. These CPU’s are extremely powerful as they can boost up to 4.7 GHz. It is the most powerful CPU that intel has made for the 15-watt TDP. 

Making Dell the only 13-inch laptop to fit the 6 core CPU. So as we know with great power comes great responsibility. But in the case of Dell XPS 13 with 6 Core with a huge amount of power this device produces heat which decreases the performance of the device. The Clockspeed drops and the idea of a 6 core CPU in a small 13 laptop start to become less appealing. Comparing the 6 core XPS to the previous XPS it is definitely a better version. 

So guys let us know what do you think about the 6 core Dell XPS?

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