Clutch claims it to be the world’s slimmest charger. It has a capacity of 2300 milliamp. The pitch here is that you are going to carry this with you. Be more likely to have it with you and therefore that clutch brand name can come into play.

The theme behind Clutch charger is like an emergency power bank that you actually don’t use all the time. It’s not like the central power bank which sits in your bag like this which can be easily stored in your wallet. We can call it the backup of backups. It only weighs 2 ounces.

It’s shaped like a card. The construction is a little cold to the touch. The Clutch is only lightening specific. They only make it for the iPhones. It’s working on the old school style micro USB connector.

We need to realize that its a different sort of play, a different sort of pitch. Of course, you can identify some 20,000 milliamp battery bank that’s out there. This is the backup of the backup. This is the emergency scenario, all else have failed and boom you have that in your wallet, and you can make a phone call.

So let us know your opinion on the Clutch.

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