My first fall trip, Manali. We were already off schedule partly due to damned supply paper of one of our friend and partly because of our easy go attitude. The whole journey was marked by nonstop rain and non-stop farting by our very very special “Chintu” without whom we can’t even imagine our group… And when we were just a notch away from our destination we witnessed our first ever snow fall of life. Damn, we were So excited and overjoyed that we forgot all of our journey . We stepped out of car and started playing with snow on the road itself …and then comes our another first experience ,of getting stuck, standing 10 km behind our destination clueless.

All my friends were tired and So was I and why shouldn’t we. After all we didn’t give up till the last ATP left in our bodies, we pushed our vehicle for good one hour, young blood you see. But finally gave up sitting helpless counting every second, thrilled astonished yet little disheartened. It’s been more than 14 hours since we have started our journey…what will happen when dawn strikes…?? Is still a big question mark for us till now. Will local administration step in to rescue us in the morning? And most importantly what fate has in its kitty for our trip?

Now we’ ll get answers to all these questions only in the morning. Soaked in all sorts of thoughts am feeling little sleepy. Just hope I am able to sleep now as its getting little colder. And all I can hear at this moment is snoring of my friends and heavy snowflakes falling on the roof of the car…

Look the clouds are kissing the skies,
And the fog is slowly covering the hills with its mystical ties,
The trees have opened the arms
to hug the little drops of heaven,
How lucky are we to witness the
Eternal love story of Manali and the monsoon splendour.
Blissful music of the raindrops on the rooftops
Hide and seek of the sunshine and the mist
The freshness of the budding greenery
And the aroma of mystic earth
A perfect setting for the romance of Manali and the beautiful monsoon.
And when the sun wakes up from its nap
The sky fills itself with the seven hues
As a gift to this love affair
On the seven hills of Manali to glorify its romance with the monsoon.

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