Can a Tesla Drift?? Well, Tesla cars have been one of the most successful and intellectual presents to the automobile industry. We all knew about the battery-driven cars in the past but were never reliable. Tesla changed the picture as it became the most advanced battery-driven car not only comfortable but also leaving supercars behind in a drag pit.

Tesla engineers have made a great fusion of hardware and software resulting in an amazing product. But, there was still one thing that Tesla owners wanted. That is how to drift a model 3? Being a 4 wheel drive it was very difficult to Drift the car.

But coming from Tesla, the engineers have introduced the new Track Package in the Model 3. The track package will get wider wheels with Michelin pilot sport 2 rubber. The brake pads have been changed and the whole cooling system has been upgraded in tesla model 3 drift mode.

Can a Tesla Drift?? - Globodaily Online Web Daily Magazine

In the Track Package, you can totally control the power supply of the wheels. It can be a complete rear-wheel drive, a complete front-wheel drive or 4 wheel drive distributing equal power to all 4 wheels. This power distribution system lets you Drift the car with zero effort.

Now it is also possible to See tesla drifting snow or tesla drift trike. You can control the regenerative braking which is another great touch giving you 100% control of your Tesla. The price has not been revealed yet but it is coming straight from Tesla making it legit and genuine.

Can a Tesla Drift?? - Globodaily Online Web Daily Magazine

So what do you think about the new Track Package on the Model 3? Are you ready to experience Tesla’s burnout mode? Let us know in the comments below.

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