Disney was preparing to get into the online streaming world just like Netflix and Amazon but unfortunately, Disney+ servers crashed on the launch day. Team Disney invested a lot of time and money into the new streaming setup and gave it the name: Disney+. It was launched on 12th November 2019 and the whole world was excited because no one wanted to miss something like this.

On the launch day. Disney+ hit 10 million users which is a remarkable thing. But the servers were not able to handle the traffic and it made the app crash. Users were not able to log into the app. And even if they managed to log in, it was impossible for them to stream online.

Disney said that Disney+ servers getting crashed was not something that they were expecting to happen and the team is working on getting the app better. They added that they will get it back within the next week by sending an update OTA. They said that it was a coding fault and will be fixed ASAP. Kevin Meyer also said that he respects Netflix because of how smooth it was.

Netflix did not hit 10 million users in one day. But it has 160 million users around the world. And how they are giving the users a seamless online streaming experience is just amazing to watch.

Mayer added that the Netflix app is truly an inspiration in getting Disney+ on the right track and will turn the tables soon.

What do you think about Disney+? Will it be able to get back on track? Let us know in the comments below.

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