Best new features for users in India by apple in the new ios 13

Best new features for users in India by apple in the new ios 13.

iOS 13 is out here right now and you see a whole bunch of India specific features in iOS 13.

These are deep system-level features that have been added just for India .

Siri has a new Indian English voice.

Siri has a new Indian English voice. This is available in the standard male and female versions so you can pick whichever you like. This is the only new voice in iOS 13.

India is a country where wifi penetration is low and mobile data is really cheap and also easily accessible so earlier iOS had a limit of 100 MB for apps that you could download on mobile data that was recently raised to 200 MB and now that limit is not there anymore.

Now, iOS have the Hindi keyboard which lets you type in the Devanagari script for a while but it did not typing predictions so when you are typing it did not suggest new words or the next word that you can type. This has been added to the new iOS 13.

The Hinglish keyboard has been replaced on the iOS 13 with Hindi Latin. If you feel like typing Hindi messages in the roman which is English script, this keyboard is perfect. The bilingual Hindi Latin keyboard has the typing prediction which makes it a lot easier to type. You can enable it by going to settings. The Hindi Latin keyboard is different from the transliteration keyboard. The transliteration keyboard allows you to type in English characters and converts them to Hindi.

iOS 13 have 15 new Indian language keyboards and according to apple it now supports all 22 official languages of India on iOS. The new ones include Assames, Bordeaux, Dogri, Kashmiri, and many more.

iOS 13 have added some new fonts for Indian languages. There are 4 new system language fonts and up to 30 new document fonts. So if you open a bunch of documents on your device that are in Indian languages you will see the benefit.

With iOS, 13 apps such as Netflix and Hotstar can download content depending on the time of the day when the peak cellular data traffic is less. So if their network is congested it takes more time to download shows and movies so now apple says these apps can optimize for that.

That was all for the India specific updates in the iOS 13. Let us know in the comments below what you think about iOS 13.

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