The Best Of Mobile World Congress 2019

Mobile World Congress 2019 is underway and it’s already blowing our mind. The year formerly has seen lots of good announcement prior to the MWC and yet the convention is still taking breaths away.

However, the MWC isn’t just about quirky smartphones, the convention goes way beyond that. It’s a platform that invites new innovations and technology alike and exhibit the goods and potential about it. Let’s take a look at this years some really cool inventions that aren’t only smartphones.

Hololens 2 By Microsoft


An MR(Mixed Reality) visor that works by projecting a 3d holographic image directly to your eyeballs. Specifically designed for industrial purpose (as of now), the visor is constructed out of carbon fibre giving it more of a sturdy feel. Hololens 2 came a long way compared to its predecessors in terms of better hand tracking, eye tracking and a more accurate and wider field of view. The new Hololens app is now even faster than before, all credits to the folks who made tweaks to achieve the speed.

Royole Hat

Royole Hat

It appears like this year’s MWC is more about foldable device than other tech stuff. Another contender in the ring is Royole. The tech firm didn’t bring a folded smartphone or tablet, it rather brought a hat! Yes, a top hat wrapped with an OLED panel that’s nearly 2K resolution, is bright and crisp. You can stream any video or music through an application on android and iOS devices. The potential here looks promising and the technology itself opens many door for its use in near future.

Energizer Power Max P18K


We did say the best gadgets other than the smartphone at the beginning of this blog and we stand by it. This is a power bank with a screen, processor, RAM, dual front and rear cameras, notchless front and covered in glass. The hammer of Thor might be slimmer than this device but we doubt that had a display unit! Anyway, to everyone’s surprise, this was actually a phone nearly 20mm thick. All thanks to whopping 18,000 mAh battery. While the company claims the phone can run for 50 days straight, we might have another use for it, charge other phones.

Nubia Alpha


A watch cum smartphone or a smartphone cum watch? It’s both. Nubia has taken an OLED panel and wrapped it around a wrist. Yes that’s what they did, but with camera and processor and everything else found in typical smartphones. However, this is not how we imagined a phone that wraps around our wrist, like we have seen in hi-fi sci-fi movies. With an expected retail price of 549 euros that goes all the way upto 649 for the 4G variant. And you know what? It lets you type messages on screen using a T9 style keyboard.

HTC 5G Hub


Why everything coming out in MWC has a screen? HTC, the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer pull out a stunt never seen before. Put a smart display on router which is not your everyday normal router but the latest 5G one, and add a battery inside to complete the package. The next gen Qualcomm network, 5G, enabled HTC Hub is a portal that lets you connect other devices using wifi. Also, the all day long battery backup and the 5-inch HD display lets you do other android stuff because it runs on Android 9.0 Pie. About time someone thought it up.

Huawei Mate X


We never intended to conclude this article without mentioning the star of MWC, Mate X. We have been hearing a lot about Samsung fold for quite some time, only the device didn’t impress anyone. It was rather a disappointment. The hype was saved by none other than the impossible taker Huawei. The Mate X is exceptional. You can either use it as any other smartphone or you can turn it into a tablet. And somehow with all of that, it still managed to stay absolutely gorgeous. Not just that, the phone features a 5g connection, really great camera (40, 16, 8MP), Kirin 980 processor, 512Gb of onboard storage and 4500mAh battery for all day long backup.

MWC 2019 has concluded but the year is still young. With a competition so intense, it’s only natural to assume that more of the innovative devices and gadgets will making the rounds pretty soon. If mobile world congress didn’t bring anything for your taste, stay tuned for OEM will be landing something cool for you.

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