Apple Deleted App from the App store which made the iPhone look like an old iPod: We all have seen how Apple has evolved over a decade and has taken a leap ahead in technology. Apple has completely changed the experience of listening to music. Earlier people used to use i Pods to listen to music. Which in today’s life is so unwanted thing cause we all have a smartphone. And which is far better than an iPod and much more usable.

There was an App called “Rewound” simple music player app. It had a theme that would turn your phone just like the old iPod. The company said it copied the look of their product and there will be a lot of Apple customers which can confuse Apple Music and this App.

The developers of the app said that they have not copied. So the user has to install a theme only then he can use that old school iPod theme. Apple did not react to this statement and has simply pulled off the App from the App store. And then the theme brought back a lot of memories and it also had the click wheel. It looks exactly the same.

So want do you think about the Apple Deleted App from the App store. Let us know in the Globodaily‘s comments below.

Source – Apple pulls app that let you turn your phone into a virtual iPod with click wheel

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