YouTuber Austin Evans recently uploaded a video on his official YouTube channel talking about all the amazing tech deals on Black Friday. He talked about mainly game consoles, computers, and other exciting gadgets. Buckle up and ready your wallets! Here are the amazing tech deals on Black Friday:


The first one from Microsoft is the Xbox One X priced at $350. The original price for the same console is $400. Hence, you are getting a $50 discount.

Another one is the Xbox One S with the bundled Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order priced at $200. It is recommended to buy this console from Target as you will be getting an additional $40 gift card on the discounted price.

The third one is the fully digital version of Xbox One S which is on sale for $150. It is the newest Xbox One S that you can get your hands on. It does not have an optical drive so all the games have to be digitally downloaded.

Coming to laptops, the Surface Pro 7 with the keyboard included will be one sale for $800.


Well, there are not many discount offers available when it comes to Sony. If you are planning to buy a PlayStation Pro then it might be a bad thing to hear that there is no discount on the console’s price whatsoever. 

However, you get a discount on the PS4 base models. The base model of PS4 is available at $200 with a copy of The Last of Us, God of War, and Horizon Zero Dawn. If you do not own a PS4, this is the best thing for you to get your hands dirty with. 


Firstly, the series 3 Apple Watch is on sale for $129 for 38 mm and $159 for 42 mm. The series 3 Apple Watch is not that old and works with all the new iPhones. If you do not own an Apple Watch, this is the best deal that you can take advantage of.

You can also get the Airpods 2 for $129. The original price of the Airpods 2 is $199. You are getting a $70 discount available only at Walmart.

The 10.2 inch iPad is a killer deal at $330. It allows keyboard support now and has got a bigger screen. You can also check Target which offers the same deal at $259.

You are also getting $200 off on Macbook lineup at Best Buy. MacBook air is on sale for $899 and Pro is available for $1024.

Rush to your nearest stores to get your hands on these amazing deals.

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